Head bent forward, staring into a lit screen……..a trance state ensues.

Movement activates healing.

Our thyroid gland regulates all metabolism. Metabolism has two basic functions:

  1. Converting food and oxygen into light (energy) to run the body. The technical term for this is catabolism.
  2. Building-up tissue.  The technical term for this is anabolism.

Communication Hub:  The thyroid communicates with other glands via the water channel between cells.  This first level of communication is electromagnetic in nature.  The microwave technology used in cellphone, disrupts thyroid communication.  Disrupt thyroid communication and thyroid hormone levels change.  It takes a loooong time before we see this imbalance on a lab test.

A brief google search reveals peer reviewed clinical studies regarding the impact cellphones have on metabolism:  Cellphones disrupt thyroid function

Take charge of your thyroid:

  • If you are an avid exerciser/dieter using supplements and foods to force your metabolism into balance, I want to tell you health is much easier than that……. Sustainable healing happens through aligning with flow. Stop forcing body image. Surrender to understanding your unique body’s needs.  Eliminate chemicals in your supplements and food, these build up in fat.
  • If you are a couch surfer and can’t seem to find the motivation to care for your body, what is the block?  The body does not break……it is constantly talking to us through physical symptoms as well as energetic symptoms. Symptoms are the body’s cry for happiness.  A shift in perspective is needed.

Thyroid medication is a temporary solution. The thyroid heals itself when it has what it needs:

  • Move, drink water, eat live foods, play, and find your passion/true-love
  • Limit cellphone usage to 15 minute intervals
  • Attach this to your cellphone
  • Turn-off your cellphone between uses

Learn more about your body while earning a credential in BioEnergetic Medicine. Our practitioners lead by example 🙂

Much love……Donna

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