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Cell-Phone and Metabolism Link

Head bent forward, staring into a lit screen……..a trance state ensues. Movement activates healing. Our thyroid gland regulates all metabolism. Metabolism has two basic functions: Converting food and oxygen into light (energy) to run the body. The technical term for this is catabolism. Building-up tissue.  The technical term for this is anabolism. […]

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The Path to Enlightenment

How do we align with sustainable healing? True healing occurs when you light your nervous system, feel your body’s signals, and nurture yourself and your inner-child fully. You can trust what your body is telling you when your intuition and intellect are connected and integrated. How is this connection restored? It’s done by […]

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Discernment Tools: Love/Fear Triangles

This time of year, especially, it is essential to continuously check-in with the intentions behind our words: Are they based in lack and scarcity, or are they based in love? Are we projecting judgment or discerning truth? Are we creating codependent or interdependent relationships? There are only two categories of intentions: […]

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