The Body is .01% Physical and 99.99% Energy.

The invisible precedes the visible.

The International College of BioEnergetic Medicine is rooted in the universal truth that is woven between all models of medicine: that the balance of energy, and the body’s ability to receive and radiate this energy, is vital to maintaining a state of health. At the most basic level, energy is light, and light radiates at certain vibrational frequencies. When we understand that everything is an expression of vibrational frequency, we’re able to view our cells, our bodies, and our world from an energetic perspective.

Pure light energy resonates with truth and love. When we cultivate our ability to ground this light energy in our own body, we’re able to hold the space of love for others to do the same. This allows us to step away from trying to fix people, and instead focus on inspiring health from the inside-out. Learn how to tap into your own energy body, live an integrated life, and support sustainable healing all while earning your HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner) credential. 


Immersive Learning.

The International College of BioEnergetic Medicine (ICBM) is an immersive program that includes online courses, monthly online meetings, and a 3-day in-person immersion. The ICBM guides you through the process of restoring your connection to your inner-guidance and living an integrated life, and gives you the tools and certification to become a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP). Our program follows the four parts of the learning process - Observe, Apply, Integrate, & Teach and will support you with understanding, applying and integrating key principles of energy and multiple models of medicine to be able to hold space for truly sustainable healing. Schedule your free enrollment consultation appointment below to learn more.

Online Courses

The online courses are available on our online learning center, also known as "The Hub", and may be completed at your own pace. 

Monthly Online Meetings

There will be two online meetings per month, one application meeting and one integration meeting. The application meeting will provide the space for you to ask questions about the course material and learn more about applying it in your every-day life. The integration meeting, led by Dr. Embree, will bring all of the course material together and provide insight about integrated living. 

Onsite Immersive Experience

The 3-day immersion will take place on September 28-30, 2018 at the Chautauqua in Boulder, Co. Additional details to follow.

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