The BioEnergetic Methodologies Course is a home study course available in either a published format, including a binder, workbook, and audio CDs or a downloadable version. It is a recording of a two-day workshop, originally offered as a pre-requisite to the International College of BioEnergetic Medicine.

A portion of the BEM consists of information about many of the products in the Energetix product line. Although the product line has changed since then, the BEM continues to provide a basic understanding of how the line was designed and the most effective way to use it.

Topics include:

The Evolution & Application of BioEnergetic Medicine

The Living Matrix, Homotoxicology, & Homeopathy

Creating Individual Protocols

Combining the Line/Foundational Support

Anatomy of Homeopathy

Herbology in BioEnergetic Medicine

Practical Application & Patient Education Tools